The Future of Building Automation - Data at the Open Intelligent Edge

Mon. January 22| 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | S103A

How does the building automation industry make the transformation that it needs to undergo? This "Getting there from here" discussion deals with the shift in thinking and action that we all have to make in order to deal with the rapid change that is upon us.

Our Autonomous Actions on the Intelligent Edge discussions have identified an immediate problem in our industry of how the transformation we all must make will occur.

We will start "the shift of thought" discussion. Please jump in and share your thoughts directly with us at our education sessions in Chicago.

Our large building automation industry needs to follow the auto industry in reinventing ourselves to look and think like the software companies we are morphing into. Who will become the new Building Data Architects and Virtual Building Software Companies of our future?

Every device manufacturer and software cloud service provider is now looking at how they can use machine self learning from their collected big data to enhance their services and provide more value. The Edge Revolution coupled with machine learning will do what the DDC revolution with programmed logic did to pneumatics. Completely replacing an industry, while providing a quantum leap in capabilities, connection, control and apparent simplification of everything. The Edge revolution uses new powerful mobile phones like edge devices purposely built for cloud communication with amazing computing power and low cost memory which is redefining our DDC systems capabilities and architecture.

How will we create value from our new found edge data and bring it back to the hive to discover new ways of providing comfort, health, satisfaction in our buildings?

Type: Free Industry Sessions

Cost: FREE to all registered AHR Expo attendees

Topic(s): Best Practices/Application Optimization, Building Automation & Control, Commissioning, Energy Conservation/Efficiency, Facility/Building Management



Scott Cochrane
President & CEO
Cochrane Supply & Engineering MSI

Ken Sinclair, (Moderator)

Brad White, P.Eng, MASc
SES Consulting, Inc.